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step 2 (again..) question

So I know there has been a lot of discussion but I am still a little confused and would appreciate any up to date advice, especially from some of those that may not have published their step 2 CK.  

If one had a very competitive step 1 score (265+) and did not want to hurt their chances by going down on step 2, it sounds like the consensus is not to take step 2.  That said, I was looking at the Freida site and a few programs (NYU, Hofstra LIJ/Northwell) that say in order for interview consideration they require a step 2 (with a cutoff).  Is this website accurate?  

Talk me up...or down

To all who have been through the match, I need some realism before I put my family through unnecessary pain (or on the flip side decide to put them through worthwhile pain).  I'm an MS-3 from a program with no urology clerkship in a somewhat unusual situation.  I took paternity leave when I had my second child (before I decided on urology) and will have to make up my family med rotation for the first 2 months of 4th year. 

2016-2017 Awards

​Not sure why no one posted a thread for Awards this year, but let's keep the tradition going (useful both for future applicants and for programs to figure out what they can do better or continue for future years). Fill in the following, and feel free to be anonymous (or not) now that everyone's matched.


What are my chances? (yet another)


Hey guys,

I'm an MS3 who will be applying to urology this year and was hoping I could get some insight as to where I stand and where to look for aways. 


Top 20 MD school

Preclinicals: P/F, probably in the top quartile 

Step 1: 257

Clerkships: 4 Honors (Medicine, surgery, OB/GYN, family med) and 3 HP (neuro, peds, psych)

What are my chances?

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this (so please let me know if there is a better spot).

Current MS3 at a top 50 medical school in the NE
Mostly honors preclinical 
Third year clerkships have all been HP thus far
Research: 1 poster presentation (non-urology), 2 AUA abstracts during undergraduate 
Extracurricular: longitudinal leadership and community service throughout medical school
Step 1: 241

What are my chances of matching in urology in general? When should I take Step 2 CK?



What are my chances?

Apologies in advance.

MD school in Northeast, not an illustrious one.
Low 220's step 1
-4 abstracts in AUA, ACS, 1 psych abstract
-asked to present at AUA this year
-Clerkships 3rd year- HP in everything so far, honors in uro.

Some have advised taking a year off for research, due to age not willing to do that.
I am pretty realistic and am unlikely to be offended. Please be candid. Do you think strong subi's and step 2 is enough to get me into the interview room?