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What are my chances? (yet another)


Hey guys,

I'm an MS3 who will be applying to urology this year and was hoping I could get some insight as to where I stand and where to look for aways. 


Top 20 MD school

Preclinicals: P/F, probably in the top quartile 

Step 1: 257

Clerkships: 4 Honors (Medicine, surgery, OB/GYN, family med) and 3 HP (neuro, peds, psych)

What are my chances?

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this (so please let me know if there is a better spot).

Current MS3 at a top 50 medical school in the NE
Mostly honors preclinical 
Third year clerkships have all been HP thus far
Research: 1 poster presentation (non-urology), 2 AUA abstracts during undergraduate 
Extracurricular: longitudinal leadership and community service throughout medical school
Step 1: 241

What are my chances of matching in urology in general? When should I take Step 2 CK?



What are my chances?

Apologies in advance.

MD school in Northeast, not an illustrious one.
Low 220's step 1
-4 abstracts in AUA, ACS, 1 psych abstract
-asked to present at AUA this year
-Clerkships 3rd year- HP in everything so far, honors in uro.

Some have advised taking a year off for research, due to age not willing to do that.
I am pretty realistic and am unlikely to be offended. Please be candid. Do you think strong subi's and step 2 is enough to get me into the interview room?

Western AUA: Share housing?

Going to be at Western AUA meeting Sat Oct 22 - Wed Oct 26. I am looking to share housing - probably condo within 1 mile of Hyatt for total of $150/night. Also willing to chip in to stay at a place you already have reserved if you prefer. I am a MS4; not enough funding for the Hyatt! No gender preference. Let me know how to contact you if you are interested. Thanks!

chances MS3 from a state med school

Hey guys, another M3 posting about chances of matching. My stats look something like:

Step 1 - 259

M1 and M2 grades all honors (we have letter grades for everything). M3 year all honors so far. 2 basic science publications (not first author), 2 poster presentations and 1 oral presentation in non-urologic surgical fields, working on 2 other uro papers now, 2 uro case reports. 

Unsure about AOA status until feb