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2 Open PGY1 pre urology positions ROWAN SOM - Stratford NJ


We recently received our ACGME pre-accreditation for our urology program. We have 2 open positions available starting July 2018 as PGY1 pre urology. The first year is general surgery followed by 4 years of Urology.

If you are interested you can either message me or you can contact our Program coordinator Maritza Rodriquez (856-566-6946 or rodrima@rowan.edu).





PGY5 Urology Rowan University

Weird story, do I have a shot?

Hi all I had no idea I would end up liking urology when I started rotations. I’m a laid back type and my health has always kinda been this anchor that makes things tough. Anyways nearly done w 3rd yr I’m liking urology a lot surprisingly.

School: mid tier urban

Tests: 238 step 1

Grades: HP surgery, ob/gyn; P family, peds 

Research: 4 manuscripts (3/4 first author), 3 oral presentation, 11 abstracts. Everything at national conferences. Two NIH internships 


Hey Everyone!

So I'm just passing the midpoint of my 3rd year rotations and I've decided to pursue a career in Urology. I'm attending a med school in CA where our 1st&2nd year grades are P/F. So far my 3rd year grades aren't looking that great:

Family Med: HP

Medicine: HP

Psych: H

Surgery: HP

I came within 2-3% of getting Honors in Family and Surgery, but I can't tell any programs that! I'm currently in my Surgical Subspecialty rotation and still have OB/Gyn and Peds for the remainder of the year. Board scores:

Step 1: 242

Away Interviews and Ranking

Hey everyone. Quick question about how away rotation interviews and ranking works. If you interview at a program during an away rotation and they never officially invite you back during interview season because you've already done the interview, does it still show up normally in the programs for making your rank list?

Thanks for the help!

realistic chances? advice?

Hello all.


Step 1: 229


New DO school. 2 abstracts in ACS. Currently on more research but not urology related (surg onc).

I was hoping to apply AOA but considering they have all merged I am sweating bullets that my step score will turn people off. Any and all advice is appreciated! My general surgery rotation is in january and my preceptor is a urologist so I am hoping to get a letter there.


Thank you!

Bad Grades, Chances? Appreciate any advice.

Step 1: 239, Step 2: 258

Med School: mid tier, Home Uro program: mid tier

Clinical Grades: HP Psych, HP Family, H Urology; P everything else

-Probably 4th quartile; I generally had great evaluations from residents and great comments, but I have a more reserved personality, making it hard to leave an impression on attendings that I would work with for short periods of time resulting in average evaluations. 

step 2 (again..) question

So I know there has been a lot of discussion but I am still a little confused and would appreciate any up to date advice, especially from some of those that may not have published their step 2 CK.  

If one had a very competitive step 1 score (265+) and did not want to hurt their chances by going down on step 2, it sounds like the consensus is not to take step 2.  That said, I was looking at the Freida site and a few programs (NYU, Hofstra LIJ/Northwell) that say in order for interview consideration they require a step 2 (with a cutoff).  Is this website accurate?  

Talk me up...or down

To all who have been through the match, I need some realism before I put my family through unnecessary pain (or on the flip side decide to put them through worthwhile pain).  I'm an MS-3 from a program with no urology clerkship in a somewhat unusual situation.  I took paternity leave when I had my second child (before I decided on urology) and will have to make up my family med rotation for the first 2 months of 4th year.