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Step 2 CK - which scenario is better?

I know there are a bunch of Step 2 CK threads out there, but I wanted to see what people thought would be a better scenario.  Background info: Step 1 score high 240s, taking Step 2 CK tomorrow, last NBME practice test 4 days ago was in the low 240s.

1 - take the test tomorrow, hopefully get a similar score to Step 1, and have scores available for review to programs


M3 elective reading suggestions

I was looking through previous threads and the educational resources section of the site but thought I'd toss this out there. I drew my electives to start out M3 year and start w/ 4 weeks of uro here in a week--was wondering if anyone had text suggestions (or if that's even recommended at all). I ranked uro #1 for the elective lottery and think I am pretty interested, so I'd really like to do well despite this being my first rotation. Thanks in advance for any advice. 

Urology 4th year elective at University of Louisville

I couldn't find any old threads from students who might have done an elective at U of L. Has anyone here done one and is willing to share info on schedule, housing.. etc? Thank you. 

Andrology/Infertility Competitiveness?

Thinking about urology, but have an interest that lies mainly in andrology and male infertility. 
Does this look bad when applying?
Are these fellowships competitive and/or highly sought after?

Urology case reports

Does anyone have any advice about publishing Urology case reports? Oddly enough, most Urology case report journals seem to be open access / require an author payment to publish.
Does anyone have any advice / know of any good journals to submit a urology case report that is not open access? Thank you!

Institutions where Research is not important

Hello foks, 
I'm currently finishing my 3rd year of medical school, and have recently made the decision to pursue Urology. A few facts about me
University: mid-tier university
Step1: 251
Preclinical years: No rank
Clinical years: So far I honored in 2/3 clerkships (didn't honor my surgery clerkship).
Research: Nothinh published. Few presentations and basic science research experience in Undergrad
Extracurriculars: very involved in the community and with school

IMG STEP 1, 2cs and ck

Hello everyone 
I'm a IMG. I'm currently doing residency in Urology in my country, I'm in 3 rd year. I was also doing my steps at same time.  I did 235 on step 1 and 230 on my step 2. I have 2 podiums presented on the national meeting of urology society of my country. I'm definitively finishing here my resisdency but then obviously I want to match in any program in USA. I want to know how do you see my possibilities and what kind of suggestions do you have

Reapplying into urology

 For those of us who are reapplying to next year's app cycle, are there any programs that refuse/prefer not to interview/accept reapplicants regardless of improvement to their application. The cost of applying was a lot and I imagine reapplying will cost almost double. I'd like to be able to skip applying to programs that won't even look at my application. 

Jefferson Away Rotation

Has anyone been able to apply for one?  I sent an email to the contact person on their website and no one has gotten back to me for a few weeks...
Thanks for the help!

List of Landmark Journal Articles

I see the last time this discussion was brought up was 2010. Can we get a list of the breakthrough articles to know? Wiki Journal Club has two...