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No home program! Help with choosing away rotation please!


Current MS3 here. I've become very interested in urology but no home program. I have shadowed a local private urologist. I would like to maximize my chances by doing 3 away rotations. I would like help with choosing away rotations for my current stats.

UCI skills testing on interview day??

The UC Irvine program coordinator indicated that the interview day would start at 6:30 am with skills testing, but didn't elaborate. Anyone know what's up with that? 

Interview Priorities

I understand that one should apply to at least 50+ programs regardless of Step scores/pub count/class rank/grades. But what if there are more interview invites than you have time to attend, how do you balance the odds of matching to a more reputable program and that of matching to **some** program?

October Interviews while doing an Away Sub-I?

Does anybody have experience or know what the kosher approach is if offered an interview at another program during an away sub-I?

For example: if I'm doing a urology sub-I at Stanford during the month of October, but then am offered an interview at Loma Linda on October 23rd, would it be frowned upon by Stanford that I'm missing a Friday of their rotation?

Programs requiring CV

I noticed several Urology programs list "CV" as a requirement for application. Since there is not option for CV upload into ERAS, does anyone know how this is submitted / how it works? Appreciate any help!

Supplementary application materials?

I was talking to a few friends who are applying to ENT and Ortho residencies this cycle. They said that while perusing a few program websites they found extra application requirements that needed to be submitted, such as supplemental essays or applications in addition to what is normally required in ERAS. Does anybody know of any uro programs that have something like this?

Interview dates

Hi, does anyone know how late interview dates go in to December? Are they usually over by Christmas? Thanks!







Should I Even Bother With Step 1 score 218?

Well.... Just got my Step 1 score back earlier this month and I am completely devastated. I scored between 20 and 30 points below what my practice tests had predicted. ball just didn't bounce my way. My preclinical grades were all high passes, no honors which are given to no more than 10 out of the 200 people in my med school class. I was very interested in urology for a lot of reasons, and had gone as far as to meet with a faculty urologist during 2nd year to ask him if I should get into research, etc, but he said just to focus on step 1.

Step 2 CK - which scenario is better?

I know there are a bunch of Step 2 CK threads out there, but I wanted to see what people thought would be a better scenario.  Background info: Step 1 score high 240s, taking Step 2 CK tomorrow, last NBME practice test 4 days ago was in the low 240s.

1 - take the test tomorrow, hopefully get a similar score to Step 1, and have scores available for review to programs


M3 elective reading suggestions

I was looking through previous threads and the educational resources section of the site but thought I'd toss this out there. I drew my electives to start out M3 year and start w/ 4 weeks of uro here in a week--was wondering if anyone had text suggestions (or if that's even recommended at all). I ranked uro #1 for the elective lottery and think I am pretty interested, so I'd really like to do well despite this being my first rotation. Thanks in advance for any advice.