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General Surgery in Urology Residency

Hey all, I was hoping to get some opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of the general surgery part of residency.

So far, the main thing I have heard is that it is the worst part and that you should try to minimize the amount of general surgery that you have to do.

Does anyone have opinions that are different than this? How important is it to minimize it? And could this differ among different programs- ie. some places just use you to do the worst jobs whereas other programs integrate you more and allows to do get more relevant experiences (or at least fun ones)?

Away Rotation Applications

I had a question about the application process and timing for away rotation applications. It seems like it varies a lot by school, but no one seems to have a clear answer so I was hoping I could get a little insight from here.


I plan on doing 2 aways (1 July, 1 August) this summer and I was advised to apply to only 2 at a time (one for each block). I'm wondering how long I should give them before applying to a second option.


Question on Aways and Step 2

I have a few questions on Aways and Step 2 and was hoping to get your opinion. I will be applying to Urology this Fall. The way my schedule is set up, I cannot do my first Urology Sub-I until August. I am thinking of doing home Sub-I in August and then aways in September and October. I also have to take Step 2 CK and CS by the end of December (school requirement). I got 250's on Step 1 so I was thinking to take Step 2 late but I am not sure how much study time is needed and if it is possible to take both tests during the interview season.

Away Rotation in October

I am planning my away rotations and I had a question that so far I haven't found any definitive answer to. What is the feasibility of doing an away in October? I've heard mixed things and I am not sure if that would cut into the interview period (e.g., having to leave often to go to interviews and thus looking potentially bad to an away program in October). Or is it possible to schedule interviews mostly in November? I'm not sure if most programs have interview dates in both months or if most programs interview in November and the etiquette around that. Any advice would be helpful.

Step 2 CK vs Summer Research

Hello, I am an MS3 and im trying to decide what would be a better for my application:

1- Urology research with an attending for 6 weeks at a desired institution.  OR

2. Study and hopefully get >250 on step 2 CK.

Step 1: mid 240's, Rank: 1st quartile, non-top 50 med school. 

Clinical grades: HP in medicine, H in surgery.

Research: I have 2 publications, not first author, non-urology. 

No home Uro program. Plan to do aways on August-sept-october. 

Any input is welcomed.