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Pediatric Urology Research Fellowship


Pediatric Urology Research Fellowship at University of Tennessee/Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis This is a fully-funded 1 year position for clinical research in pediatric urology.  The research fellow will spend time with database construction and management, project development, patient enrollment, data collection and analysis, and writing abstracts and manuscripts.  The research fellow will also be encouraged to develop and pursue his or her own ideas for research projects, while being mentored by the pediatric urology faculty.  While prior research experience is not required, such experience is preferred.  This position is ideal for recent graduates who desire to increase their research background and strengthen their credentials, making them more competitive for matching into urology residency.  Interested candidates should send a brief statement of interest, a current CV (including a description of any prior research activities and copies of any abstracts or papers), and names/contacts for available references to Deadline for application will be February 5, 2018.   

Dana W. Giel, MD                                                                                                                                  Associate Professor, Department of Urology                                                                                          Program Director, Pediatric Urology Clinical and Research Fellowships                                                  Director of Research, Division of Pediatric Urology                                                                              University of Tennessee-Memphis Health Science Center                                                                               Le Bonheur Children's Hospital/St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

CS UTHSC-Mem (not verified)

I'm one of the second year Urology residents at UTHSC in Memphis. I just wanted to mention that this is a great position, especially for someone who didn't match and is wanting to continue work in Urology, especially if planning to apply a second time. If anyone has any questions - about the position, or about research or about applying again- I'm happy to answer any. 

here's my email:


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