Bad Grades, Chances? Appreciate any advice.

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Bad Grades, Chances? Appreciate any advice.

Step 1: 239, Step 2: 258

Med School: mid tier, Home Uro program: mid tier

Clinical Grades: HP Psych, HP Family, H Urology; P everything else

-Probably 4th quartile; I generally had great evaluations from residents and great comments, but I have a more reserved personality, making it hard to leave an impression on attendings that I would work with for short periods of time resulting in average evaluations. 

Research (all urology): 1 Manuscript (2nd author), 1 AUA abstract (2nd author), 1 podium, 1 poster. Hoping to get 2 more manuscripts submitted before applications are submitted. 

# of Aways: 3 (June-August)

LOR: 1 from home PD (no urology chair), 1 from well known home urologist, 1 strong letter from away PD

Will I be screened out due to my class ranking? Is there anything else I can do to improve my application? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you. 

ruaoa (not verified)
When I interviewed the only

When I interviewed the only mention of grades was "Are you AOA?" and after that they didn't care. Keep in mind the majority of urology residents were not AOA.

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