step 2 (again..) question

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step 2 (again..) question

So I know there has been a lot of discussion but I am still a little confused and would appreciate any up to date advice, especially from some of those that may not have published their step 2 CK.  

If one had a very competitive step 1 score (265+) and did not want to hurt their chances by going down on step 2, it sounds like the consensus is not to take step 2.  That said, I was looking at the Freida site and a few programs (NYU, Hofstra LIJ/Northwell) that say in order for interview consideration they require a step 2 (with a cutoff).  Is this website accurate?  

Also, a few people (not urology) said that many schools won't rank you unless you have a step 2 score submitted.   

Would it be foolish to risk this chance by taking Step 2 CK for instance in December or even January after the rank lists are submitted?  

Any advice or clarification on this would be greatly appreciated!  

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i dont think theres a single correct answer to this as every program varies widely in how they do things. If you're interested in specific programs, do what they are asking. If they require step 2, get them a step 2. That being said, i'm at a mid-tier medical school and all the residents told me the faculty don't care about step 2 if you have a good step 1. 

IDK about Freida either but from the 4 or so programs i'm particularly interested in, everything listed on Freida has been accurate after talking with residents directly about the info up there. I.e step 1 cutoffs, step 2 cutoffs, etc.

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