What are my chances? (yet another)

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What are my chances? (yet another)


Hey guys,

I'm an MS3 who will be applying to urology this year and was hoping I could get some insight as to where I stand and where to look for aways. 


Top 20 MD school

Preclinicals: P/F, probably in the top quartile 

Step 1: 257

Clerkships: 4 Honors (Medicine, surgery, OB/GYN, family med) and 3 HP (neuro, peds, psych)

Research: 4 abstracts in AUA (ranging from 2nd to 5th author), presented 1 poster at AUA, 2 more abstracts currently submitted to another conference, 1 manuscript in the works (2nd author), all research in urology

I apologize if this comes off as arrogant or uninformed, but I would really appreciate if you guys had any insight as to what kind of applicant I am and where I should set my expectations. 

Thanks in advance!

gsman (not verified)
similar stats and just hoping for advice

Hey, Im just starting my ms3 year. I have very similar stats to you. I have 1 publication , 1 abstract and 1 poster in orthopedics but im currently working on some urology projects that we think will get AUA abstract at the least. Any advise on what I can do to make myself more competitive. thanks

similar stats and just hoping for advice

hey, I am just starting my ms3 year ( we have a weird schedule) and I have very similar stats to you thus far. I have 1 publication, 1 poster and 1 abstract in orthopedics and working on 2 projects in urology that should at least get AUA abstracts. Just wondering what your advice on improving my application. Thanks 

Matched2017 (not verified)
advice response

You will both be top applicants, assuming your letters of recommendation are good. Don't underestimate how important letters are in this field though--urology is small and the strong backing of a big name is a huge deal. Similarly a bad or lukewarm letter from these names is particularly unhelpful. Be smart about your away rotations (do at least 2), be nice to everyone, and apply broadly just to be safe. Pick aways at places you think you'd like to end up. They are a great way to automatically put yourself on a rank list for 2-3 programs in which you are really interested.

matched (not verified)

all described above ++++ do aways at top 10 programs.be coo/nice. impress everyone. get letters from chairmen. --> match top 20 ez / top 10 probably

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