2016-2017 Interview Offers

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Uro2017 (not verified)
UT Chattanooga

Invite: 9/22 (through ERAS)
Dates: 10/8 and 10/29

update (not verified)
Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine, New Hyde Park

Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine, New Hyde Park offered 10/6

email sent 9/22 not through ERAS

Marc (not verified)

No interviews so far! frustrated

Lkidd130 (not verified)
UT Chatanooga sent 9/22

10/8 and 10/29 


Georgetown interview waitlist 9/22


Interview invite: 9/22

Interview date: 10/20

Anonymous (not verified)
Someone cleaned up the google

Someone cleaned up the google doc and made a new sheet for our year. Lets post on the google-doc since the forum is rather delayed.


Loma linda (not verified)
Loma Linda invites

received 9/23

Dates: 10/14 and 11/4

Marc (not verified)
Great! Will keep it updated.

Great! Will keep it updated.

whizkid (not verified)

Like 5 programs have offered interviews thus far. ... Let's not get down in the dumps yet!

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