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Anonymous (not verified)
MGH interview switch from 11/19 to 12/11

I'd really like to switch my 11/19 MGH interview to 12/11 as 11/19 will be all but unworkable for me. Please email me at so we can switch. Thanks so much!

UTSW Switch

Anyone looking to switch 12/12 for 11/11? Would sincerely appreciate it! Thanks

U Mich

U Mich - my 11/18 for your 11/3 or 11/4



Anonymous (not verified)
Indiana University (11/1 for your 12/6) & UB (12/13 for 10/25)

I'm scheduled for 11/1 at Indiana, if someone could switch with me for your 12/6 that would be great! I am also scheduled for UB on 12/13 but would like to switch with someone who's scheduled for 10/25. Please let me know!

Anonymous (not verified)
Georgetown Switch

Hoping to switch my November 6th date for your December 11th. You can contact me at

University of Kansas / Georgetown

I have an interview on October 25th at Kansas and was hoping to switch for someone's November 22nd date. Also, I have an interview at Georgetown on November 6th and was hoping to switch for a december date. You can email me at I you are interested in switching. Thank you 

Anonymous (not verified)
Johns Hopkins

My Dec 11 for your Dec 2. Would really appreciate the switch! email me:

University Nebraska Interview Dates

Would greatly appreciate anyone willing to switch interview dates with me at UNMC. I'm currently on November 20th but can't get excused from my rotation on that day.Any switch would be so appreciated!Feel free to email josh.belle@gmail.comCheers

Anonymous (not verified)

My 12/12 for your 11/21. Thanks! Please email me: 

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