NRMP Match if No Uro Match?

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NRMP Match if No Uro Match?

Was curious if people had a successful NRMP match in another field if he or she didn't successfully match in urology back in January?  Its a common question that many applicants have during this whole process.  Please share if you got another residency position

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A friend of mine whom didn't

A friend of mine whom didn't match Uro was able to match into IM . He actually didn't even apply to medicine but our home institution's IM program still had an interview date scheduled after the uro match date. He went to the IM program director and told them about his situation. They gave him an interview and he matched with a rank list of 1.

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Someone at my school didn't

Someone at my school didn't match into Uro but matched into categorical gensurg.  I'm not sure how the timing worked out (if he initially applied to both or just tried for gensurg interviews after failing to match)

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