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1) To apply to prelim

1) To apply to prelim positions is it OK if we did not apply for gen surgery residency at all? YES. Do we need to get letters from General surgeons as we currently have letters from urologists? NO  DO we need to change the personal statement and stuff NO.  I called programs and usually they requested that I submit my application via ERAS to their program.  I did not change anything at all re: letters or personal statement.2) Do we have to wait till March 10th to apply for prelim position or do you think we can start contacting or e-mailing program right now as we did not match. Call ASAP.  I don't quite remember, but I believe they submit their rank lists in mid-late February so you should talk to them sooner rather than later.3) If I have already taken a year off to do research and Masters do you think it will be better for me to do prelim surgery or one more year of urology research to show I am still interested. It depends on your strengths and weaknesses.  Either route, be sure to land at a place with well-regarded faculty and, more importantly, faculty who will go to bat for you.  Basically, choose whichever one you will excel at and work hard.4) In case after prelim year you match in urology do you have to redo the gen surgery 1 year again? YES, but there are a few rare exceptions.  There is no AUA rule that says you have to do another intern year, but most places will expect you to do one. Some of the big academic programs that have the funding for it, might be able to offer you a research position instead.

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Was told by 2 of my top 3 programs that If I wanted to match at their program, they'd rank me #1.  I told one of they programs they were my #1, and didn't match at any program.  I went on 12 Interviews, and had 14 interview offers.  Board scores of Step 1: 263/Step 2:269.  Felt good about interviews but obviously missed the boat somewhere! 
oof that sounds like a bad case :( damn this year was rough..i didn't match last year, and did match this year thank god. but i remember sitting there when i got my email and thinking my life was over. i had no back up plan, and the next two weeks were frantically getting applications out for a couple open spots, looking into research positions, looking into prelim surg.for me, getting a prelim surg spot would have been easy bc i met w my surgery dept program director who i had worked with as a medical student and he said since i did great on my rotation they would have no problem placing me into prelim surg. i know a couple people who didn't match into ENT who got prelim spots at UCSF and UMich, and those were spots that they scrambled into! you should start applying now, call the PDs now. the worst they can say is no, what's another no, and the best is that you can get a spot without having to scramble. look for good programs with good uro faculty and make sure you can get uro rotations!i looked into a number of research positions. they're posted around this site. however, you can ask anyone you want to do research with them. i contacted one of the programs that i had interviewed at, got really good feedback from the PD, and in the end decided to work with the PD. thankfully i had personal funds, bc this position was not funded. i actually turned down a funded position to work at this position bc i decided it would be more the end, we're all gonna be doctors, and unless you're really stubborn, you can find something to do that will make you happy that's not urology. i thought about other things, surgery, radiology, pm&r lol.. it's ok to decide that you can do something else that will make you happy. urology is not the be all end all. if i hadn't gotten in this year, i would move on with it. life is too short for regrets and second thoughts. make a plan that is wise and work hard.good luck everyone :) this is not a measure of your person, we have all succeeded already by making it through 4 yrs of medical school!

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Help me? + (not so) fun facts

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I'm sorry to hear about those of you that didn't match.  Try not to be too hard on yourself, although I know it's frustrating.  I didn't match last year and my situation was much like everyone else posting here.  I interviewed at 10+ places, had very good numbers, and I was shocked.  This year worked out much better for me.  Here is some general advice:1) Figure out how important Urology is as a career for you.  A lot of you probably have a good shot at matching next year, but it is a lot of work.  There are many other excellent fields besides Urology.  Reapplying means lots of time, energy, and money over the next year of your life.2) Decide whether to do preliminary year or research time.  Prelim year is more work, but I think it gives you the best shot at matching right away and a small shot at a PGY-2 position.  I'd suggest doing 2 years of research if you are planning to go that route, because you won't have much published prior to Sept 15th.  I have met numerous people that matched either way.For prelim year, it's not too late at all to find a program.  I cold-called about a dozen prelim programs.  Some might offer you an in-person interview, some offered phone interviews, and one offered to rank me without ever speaking with me.  Choose one that has a Urology program that you think you would like and be prepared to ingratiate yourself with them as soon as you step foot on campus.  Try to prioritize places that will maximize your Urology exposure early in the year.3) Once you have made your plan, dedicate yourself.  You need to be able to convince programs that a mistake was made last year, match screwed you, and that they are lucky to have you interviewing.  Basically, you're gonna have to work hard.  Every interview you have will ask two questions: "Why do you think that you did not match?" and "What have you done since that day?"  Obviously, you will need good answers.4) When it comes time to reapply, figure out your financials and decide how much you are willing to invest in application fees and interview costs.  My philosophy was that I had to match this year regardless of expense, so I made myself have to have very strong reasons not to apply to certain programs.  Not everyone has that luxury.  Just know that you won't get a lot of repeat interviews the 2nd time around.  I re-interviewed at  roughly 20% of the places from the previous match year.I hope this helps and I wish everyone luck with whatever choices they make.  If you have any further questions, just continue to post them and I will try to get back to you.  Another option is to leave contact information and I'll get in touch with you individually.  Good luck!
 I have consulted every urologist I am acquainted with and numerous general surgeons with knowledge of the prelim process, but the answers I've gotten have been very generic and ill informed about the strategies of reapplication into urology. There are some very specific questions that I'd really like answered. Could you or ANY successful reapplicant please email me? Thanks so muchAlso, interesting facts for all... I used excel to do some number crunching to try to take away the ambiguity of the application pool. According to my estimates, usually only about 1/4 to 1/3 urology unmatchers reapply, for example this year only 24 applicants were graduates, and 8 of those matched (if my numbers are right). 24 was surprisingly low I thought, but the most that fit the math would be 40, with 13ish matching. Furthermore, when the match rate for seniors was similarly poor in 2007/08 at 70% (96 unmatched), my approximate is that 30 graduates applied in 2008/09, with a poor outcome of only 8 or 27% matching. Could mean a sad outcome for reapplicants next year...

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