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Hello,I am a 3rd year who is planning on applying to urology next summer.  I am trying to decide which NYC program to do a Sub-I at.  I was hoping that some of you who have interviewed or done away rotations at the NY/NJ programs would be willing to do a breakdown of the NY programs. Of course, I know Cornell, Columbia, NYU are top 3 but I'm considering a mid-tier to do a rotation at that I might have a better chance of actually getting into (trying to 'couples' match).  Any decent PD names at any of the mid-tiers or any really good experiences? I would greatly appreciate it!

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can we bump this?

can we bump this?

You left Mt. Sinai off your

You left Mt. Sinai off your list of top programs in NYC. Put down the number of residents I can remember. There are very few bad Urology programs, so try to find the program that fits your personality and goals (useless advice, I know). For letters, I know that chairman at Northwell is very well known and I believe at Lenox Hill as well.  

Other Urology programs ranked according to the Doximity survey:

North Shore/LIJ (now Northwell) 2 spots

Rutgers RWJ

Lenox Hill hospital (Manhattan) - 1 spot

Montefiore/Albert Einstein -2 spots

New York Medical College -2 spots

SUNY Downstate 

Rutgers UMDNJ

Maimonides 1 spot

Brookdale (see recent post by me on this forum)



I've heard that NYU favors students who do aways there, that is, they have a higher rate of matching there. NYU is nice because they have VA and county hospitals. I've heard they have a lot of rotators during the summer months so it gets crowded. Cornell and Columbia are both 6 year programs so these will be more research oriented perhaps. Cornell residents rotate mainly at their NYP hospital I believe though. Mt Sinai is a solid program as well. In general you'll get good training anywhere in nyc but you might have less autonomy in the OR than you might as some of the midwest/southern programs. 

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Mt. Sinai

As a resident at Mt. Sinai, I can vouch for the training here and I can honestly recommend to look elsewhere.  The surgical training is extremely weak as compared to friends in other programs and the attendings take little interest in teaching.  Be warned.

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