Away Interviews and Ranking

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Away Interviews and Ranking

Hey everyone. Quick question about how away rotation interviews and ranking works. If you interview at a program during an away rotation and they never officially invite you back during interview season because you've already done the interview, does it still show up normally in the programs for making your rank list?

Thanks for the help!

RHUrology (not verified)
You manually add programs to

You manually add programs to your list so it makes no difference whether you rotated there or not. In fact, technically, you can add any program to your list even if you didn't interview there lol

some idiot
They can make their rank list

They can make their rank list of anyone they want. An interview offer does not have to be sent through any particular means and the system has no way of comparing interview offers, dates, and rank lists. If they have your ID number, they can rank you.

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