Urology Residency Guide

If you are thinking of applying in Urology, let us be the first to welcome you. The information in this guide will help you in your preparations and make you a more competitive candidate.

Urology Fellowship Guide

This guide to urology fellowships is continually updated and provides information for individuals applying in all subspecialties of urology.

Mentors and Urology

Think back, I bet you can remember the names of teachers who influenced you in high school and college, who excited you to pursue science and then directed you towards medicine as a career.

Bladder Cancer Corner

The UrologyMatch bladder cancer guide is intended as a quick-access, reliable reference for Urologists at all levels of training. This page contains a wide range of resources, from the basics of bladder cancer to practical clinical tips and tricks to emerging/future therapies. Look around – we think you’ll like it!

Urology App Review Corner

Smartphones and tablets are playing an evergrowing role not only in our personal, but also in our professional lives.  Developers are bringing new medical apps into the marketplace on a nearly daily bases. This section of UrologyMatch.com will help you keep track of Urology-related apps.

My Agenda

Residency applicants: this is for you! Click here for interview calendar, application management tool, and much more to help you navigate the trail next fall.

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